"Precious treasure casket,
which sign the treatments Hora Sexta
with an unmistakable style."


Designed exclusively for Hora Sexta, caskets invite you to explore the taste of the precious.

The refined lines of design meet the hand crafts art of expert atelier, to model precious treasure chests, embellished with the sophisticate touch of Fedrigoni paper FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), in perfect harmony with the environment.

A seal of fine Venetian craftsmanship includes the whole art of embellishing the beauty: inspiration and privilege of Hora Sexta treatments.


The strong and vital connection with nature of the brand has been associating the study of the best eco-friendly materials and the most innovative airless technology, to select the excellence. Bottles award-winning, patented, eco-certified, were chosen as precious treasure chests, to preserve the freshness and efficacy of the formulations Hora Sexta.

Precious bottles recognize in the international High Tech review like Unique expressions of the highest levels of innovative airless technology, inspired by respect for the protection of the environment, as TAG (Techno Airless Glass System by Lumson), excellence Made in Italy.


The hermetic closure of the bottle activates a protective shield, which isolates the product avoiding any contact with air or other external agents with every supply. A well-advanced protection, which ensures the smaller use of preservatives and antioxidants: "breathing and vital benefit for the skin".

The precise dosage of the product and the extreme simplicity of use complete the details with an exclusive innovation, that fulfils the desire of Hora Sexta to protect the freshness and integrity of the product, without altering the innovative efficacy, that identifies it.