International body that approves the full legitimacy of cosmetics in the organic certified universe. Expression of the most restrictive and qualified standards of the Organic cosmetics.

Each Hora Sexta receives from NATRUE the desired award of the highest level of organic certification. A great prestigious goal for laboratories Hora Sexta, which creates a line of high quality cosmetics with new paradigms of Total Green beauty, combining reliability, traceability and security.

Results, that deliver to the well-being of the skin treatments of fresh naturalness and excellent quality, to maximize the benefits of organic cosmetics to unprecedented levels and to guarantee the full adherence to the protocol NATRUE Organic Cosmetics.

No colorants and synthetic fragrances

Only certified organic essential oils: olfactory views ,which tell a Mediterranean in bloom.
“Pure emotion on the skin”

No petroleum derivatives, no paraben, no silicone derivatives

Only certified organic ingredients: active ingredients, which have been kept in their purity and integrity, enhance their natural talents.
“Pure health on the skin”

No GMOs; no pesticides, chemical fertilizers, herbicides

Only certified organic oasis: expression of priceless natural balance, protected by the valuable experience and the accuracy of excellence.
“Pure safety on the skin”

No animal testing

Only love for animals. No ingredients nor finished products are tested on animals.

No polluting materials

Only bottles designed with the finest eco-friendly materials, made only through eco-friendly production process.

"A strong commitment to Hora Sexta, which arises from nature and remains in perfect harmony with its origins."
NATRUE certifies it.


University of Ferrara founded in 1391
The university of Ferrara, one of the oldest and most prestigious Italian universities, submits through accurate tests every Hora Sexta product, which is dermatologically tested and Nickel Tested to complete the guarantee of quality and safety, carved on each treatment Hora Sexta.