"Everything is essence, creativity,
purity, energy, in the treatments
Hora Sexta."


High Tech Cosmetics and Organic cosmetics join forces for the first time, creating a revolutionary synergy, captured with admirable brilliance in precious formulations that challenge the highest levels of effectiveness and maximize the benefits to an unexpected privilege. The vital functions of the skin are surprisingly reactivated by the latest generation of biotechnology, which raises to excellence innovative performances of revolutionary Stem Cells and Bio mimetic peptides, valuable sugars and powerful antioxidants, all tied to a single source: the life force of Nature. New High Tech Bio achievements reveal secrets extraordinary extracted from the most precious species of rose: the damask rose. Its fine nuance “Ivory Queen” and her refined “softness” wrap the texture Hora Sexta: an innovative and revolutionary result, designed to make extraordinarily palpable on the skin a slight whiff of soft petals.


The study and daily care of the entire life cycle of the chosen raw materials, with the highest levels of biological quality, deliver to the expertise of the laboratories Hora Sexta an experience of invaluable and innovative active ingredients, that meet and intertwine in well-advanced scientific techniques, in order to reveal unthinkable natural powers Formulations of new generation activate an innovative "Natural Entry Pass" to the deeper layers of the skin to achieve excellent results, capable of amazing lifting performances, which nourish the skin of a new youth. Capture the natural light to brighten the face: the laboratories Hora Sexta win an unprecedented achievement, which revolutionizes the skin radiance, creating the "Bioluminescence": Total Green Exclusivity of the line Hora Sexta.

"Sparks of perfection shine
on your face, unveiling a new way
to experience the beauty."


An innovative multitasking strategy of the formulations revolutionise the water management in the skin, to create the ideal microclimate on the dermis and to act wonderfully on its integrity and longevity. The architecture of the face, marked by the etching time and by environmental stress, is remodelled by a new beauty, deeply protected by a unique long-lasting effect. An innovative and elegant ultra faint skin feel hosts a new wellness, an interior luxury, which meets in the boldest and most innovative lines of the scientific Hora Sexta research its nectar: the prodigious strength of an immediate efficacy.