"A heaven of bright and valuable nuances,
that flatters the mind
and renews the body."


French master perfumers have created for Hora Sexta exclusive and unique essences. A collection of fragrances exploring the Mediterranean landscapes with a contemporary and seductive interpretation. Bright and soft notes, thin and smooth, which make fine symphonies directed by aromatherapy. Lovely flowers, which release the spring in the higher pitches, chosen with passion and care to meet the special art of invaluable tradition: a savoir-faire, which reveals the magic hidden in each petal, to write new and unique interpretations, luxurious compositions created to excite.


Illicium verum

Prunus Persica

Vanilla Planifolia


The nobility of roses, the liveliness of tangerines, the boldness of bergamots, the femininity of jasmine, the magic of the cherry blossoms, the sweetness of the almond, the freshness of lavender, the sensuality of sweet oranges, give the Hora Sexta fragrances exclusive emotions, which evoke Italy and its glory: reflections of colours and scents, which intensely move with soft blooming hills to the blue horizon of its coasts, flooded with sunlight.

Citrus Bergamia

Rosa Damascena