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Bio Illuminating Lift Face Serum

Firming and Illuminating Treatment

The boldest and most innovative goals of the scientific Hora Sexta research reveal unknown natural powers, to create a sublime rebirth of the skin.

Exclusive serum that comes from a pure synergy and concentration of precious stem cells of vegetable origin that integrate, through the complex mechanisms of the most advanced research of Hora Sexta laboratories, in the inter-cellular lipid layer of the laminar matrix of the stratum corneum, strengthening its integrity to:

• texturize and smoothen, reactivating the production of collagen and elastin in a process of deep skin regeneration that restores immediate elasticity and firmness;
• disarm free radicals, renourishing the skin with the substances necessary for the proper functioning of one’s natural defences, made ineffective by oxidative stress induced by free radicals;
• favour hydration, accelerating cell renewal to eliminate the accumulation of dead skin cells at the level of the stratum corneum that compromise and slow down the skin's hydration;
• stimulate the nourishment, by counteracting the slowing down of blood circulation, which determines the reduction of both the contribution of nutritional substances to the skin and removal of metabolic waste;
• restore brightness and colour uniformity, making the skin’s splendour re-emerge in a natural way with the exclusive Hora Sexta Bioluminescence, to reflect light evenly on the skin.

Thanks to its unique and extraordinary regenerative capacity and firming and re-densifying properties, this treatment with exceptional lifting effect

- activates a lasting process, aimed at preventing the signs of skin ageing, conferring tonicity and elasticity to the skin with quick and visible results
- and exercises a pollution shield effect, to annihilate the environmental stress factors, giving the skin a uniform and compact appearance.

Also ideal to treat the neck and décolleté.

Its elegant texture seduces the skin with the charm of jasmine and the intensity of bergamot: intimate and deep notes forming an infinite moment of Mediterranean light and scent.

Certified by:

Nickel Tested - Dermatologically Tested
Not tested on animals - Paraben free

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