Mask I

Lifting Effect Mask with Pearl Extract

AN EXCELLENT ANTI-AGING MARINE TREASURE The research Hora Sexta falls between the colours and the silence of the beautiful Mediterranean seabed and rare and precious secrets open up and reveal themselves: pure and innovative marine bioactive, enhanced by the queen of gems, the pearl, turn into divine dust with new facelift powers, extraordinarily activated by the exclusive “Elixir” Hora Sexta.

Free of preservatives and processed with precious Bio-marine active ingredients, this fine mask, thanks to its particular structure, is able to penetrate into the dermis with an anti-ageing and rebalancing effect on the pH of the skin.

It comes in the form of a pearly powder with an oily phase, which becomes a beautiful creamy emulsion with the exclusive fluid Hora Sexta, designed to enable and enhance the effectiveness of all its natural powers.

A majestic ritual with immediate lifting effect, which

• reinvigorates the skin by improving its elasticity
• it restores lost skin balance
• It smoothens the wrinkles, making the skin toned and compact
• it regulates the exchange processes of substances, facilitating the elimination of free radicals
• restores the level of water and mineral substances contained in the skin, increasing the protective function
• and returns to the skin its natural brightness, giving a new splendour.

An exceptional anti-ageing treatment, able to keep the skin hydrated and protected for hours, and radiated by micronized mother-of-pearl particles, which create real and beautiful sparks of light on skin for a royal and pure splendour.

Bio Activator Fluid THE ELIXIR: GOLD ENERGY A refined blend of active ingredients of exclusive botanical origin reveals extraordinary activator powers in this essential mix, which makes the meeting with the special beauty masks Hora Sexta, a combination of vital energy for the skin.

A game of shades from the most intense to the most tenuous radiates with gold this precious elixir: its particular exceptionality is activated by active ingredients present in its precious color, to give the skin special regenerating properties inherited from ancient Rome and enhanced by the latest achievements of research.

Its unique and innovative formulation triggers a normalising process on the skin that:

   • protects the blood vessels, reducing the permeability of capillaries, increasing their resistance and favouring the proper functioning of the peripheral vascular system,
   • has an antioxidant effect that prevents skin ageing,
   • elasticizes the skin to counter the degredation of collagen and elastin.

The beauty is regenerated with a skin wellness, which comes from the past to reveal the skin exceptional performance of uniqueness and innovation.

The beauty masks Hora Sexta are a tribute to the beauty and elegance.
Studied in every detail, they are sealed handmade in exclusive packaging personal: a tailored privilege to a ritual of excellence.

Certified by:

Nickel tested - Dermatologically Tested
Not tested on animals - Paraben free

Esclusive Monodose