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Bio Lifting Cream Neck and Neckline

Brightening and Re-densifying Treatment with Lifting Effect

ELEGANT DECLARATION OF BEAUTY Powerful active ingredients of vegetable origin, designed for the natural affinity with the skin and its lipid component, declined in excellent synergies, thereby speeding up the turn-over of skin and ensuring a nourishing, regenerating, antioxidant and emollient action.

An elegant treatment with an extraordinary and rapid capacity of penetration to dipper layers of the skin, regenerates the skin's natural defenses, in order to attacks the factors responsible for skin ageing and active a protective shield from environmental- stress, which combats effectively damaging effects of Photo-ageing.

Powerful bio-mimetic peptides activate a special lifting firming action to counter sagging skin, restore overall compactness and provide an immediate tightening effect on the wrinkles and skin micro-reliefs.

Its special formula helps to maintain perfect and long-lasting moisture; therefore this treatment is ideal as a preventive action, which delays the onset of signs of ageing manifestations on the skin and as an effective action against effects of Tech Neck.

Performances of immediate excellence give a deep and unprecedented prosperity to the delicate skin of neck and décolleté, revealing wonderfully compact, smooth and brightening with the exclusive “Bioluminance” Hora Sexta. The neck is toned with a perfect tightening effect and the décolleté deeply regenerates, declaring all its new youth and femininity.

Its soft and velvety texture surrounds the preciousness of this ritual, bewitched by starry anise, unexpected accomplice of a delicate and intense flowery caress of rose petals.

Certified by:

Nickel tested - Dermatologically tested
Not tested on animals - Paraben free

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